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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why kids need the Baltimore Catechism

From a book review in this weekends NY Times:

"20 Something Manifesto” is actually less a manifesto than a breathlessly
optimistic self-help book designed to help its audience peel back the layers of
their “identity onion” and sort out the poles of the “20s triangle”: “Who am I,
what do I want, how do I get what I want?” She talks a lot about the need for
the floundering to feel self-gratitude and spend “quality time” with themselves;
for the lovelorn, she suggests palliative remedies, like sending yourself
flowers and writing yourself a note of appreciation.

I think the Church has something to say about "The 20's Triangle"...... Also, I always found the idea of an "Identity Onion" more helpful than harmful.

Now, A Snoodles Tale , on the other hand, is great.... =)

But I'm pretty sure that "Who I am" is not someone who needs "self-gratitude" and "what I want" is not to send myself flowers. But I'm also a gen Xer, so maybe we don't need the same self affirmation....

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