Adventures in Homeschooling in Southern Indiana

Friday, May 30, 2008

I need to learn to keep my mouth shut

Why is it that whenever I discuss abortion with someone who is dogmatically "Pro-choice" I end up with a headache and wanting to cry?

Though I think I've figured out what it all boils down to...

Do you think your children belong to you? Do you think you made them? Or are they these odd, unique creatures whose care is entrusted to you by God?

I look at my son and MARVEL that my husband and I had anything to do with his creation. (My daughters too, of course, but since the fabulous Mr. B is currently absorbed in moving a single cheerio to and from a bowl, he seems more wondrously alien at the moment. :) )

Even in utero, he clearly had his own mind, his own choices (like "Mom's stomach would make a GREAT pillow right now, at three am.. HEY... WHY IS SHE TAKING TUMS???)

So, to me, it seems obvious that I don't actually OWN my kids. I can try to protect them, I can love them, I can raise them.... but I certainly can't sell them... or choose to destroy them... because they are NOT MINE. They are God's......

But if you don't know they belong to God.... if you don't believe they have souls... then pro-lifers are probably just as crazy as those people telling you that carrot juice constitutes murder and greenhouses are prisons for slaves...........

Friday, May 23, 2008

Alice Walker's Daughter


h/t to klo at The Corner

Indoctrination at Story Time

I know it's hard to be objective.....

I know sometimes it's hard for a librarian to hide her views on the current issues facing her society.

I know I'm odd, and that most people around here don't agree with me...

But... Still....

An ENTIRE STORYTIME, complete with crafts, movies and propagandist songs to convince the children to wholeheartedly support......


My husband's family are Case people. They have always been Case people. His grandpa was a Case dealer. WE ARE RED TRACTOR PEOPLE, and the Greenies were making my children feel marginalized!!!


So, which side do you take in the all-important Tractor wars?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Marketer's Dream

The story has everything my 2 1/2 year old wants--

Loving, but distraught parents.

A noble, brave sister.

A cute, helpless baby.

And a PRINCESS. It even has a PRINCESS.

God sure knew what he was doing with that Moses fellow! =)


Friday, May 16, 2008

Tulip Time

A few pictures from Holland, MI last week:

The nice things about Tulips is they make everything look artsy! =)

Monday, May 5, 2008

They Know...

We were visiting friends this weekend, and went to Mass at their Parish.

It's one of those "hide-and-seek" tabernacle churches.

My four-year-old looked around for a while and then whispered, "Mommy, where did they put God?"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hallmark + Disease Control = CDC ecards?

So, I was bumming around the CDC home page reading up on measles outbreaks (to see if Mr. B needed his MMR early) and found this disturbing page....

Did you know global warming is a public health issue? Apparently if we don't all switch to ethanol and starve all the children in Africa, we'll all die of Ebola or something.

Actually, come to think of it, starving children DO tend to be parasite and disease ridden... and if they don't starve, they may cross our open borders and infect us all!!!!! OMG! The CDC is so RIGHT on this one! I'm so glad my tax dollars are working to bring us things like this!

On another note, I think the "Please vaccinate your germ-infested, snot-nosed, feces-covered brats so that they don't infect my beautiful, completely disinfected, angelic darlings" cards are a nice touch. They're so subtle and sweet! I'm SURE that they'd TOTALLY get someone to vaccinate their kids. Because these arguments are all about logic........

Well, I've had my daily dose of govt. sponsored surrealism. Now, back to ACTUAL work.....

(BTW-- Didn't the CDC used to have a big morbidity and mortality style map with all the outbreaks on it? THAT'S what the site needs -- interactive epidemic maps and case studies-- not BMI calculators and E-cards. Talk about totally useless. Everyone has BMI calculators and e-cards... I want free access to actual SCIENCE!)