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Friday, May 2, 2008

Hallmark + Disease Control = CDC ecards?

So, I was bumming around the CDC home page reading up on measles outbreaks (to see if Mr. B needed his MMR early) and found this disturbing page....

Did you know global warming is a public health issue? Apparently if we don't all switch to ethanol and starve all the children in Africa, we'll all die of Ebola or something.

Actually, come to think of it, starving children DO tend to be parasite and disease ridden... and if they don't starve, they may cross our open borders and infect us all!!!!! OMG! The CDC is so RIGHT on this one! I'm so glad my tax dollars are working to bring us things like this!

On another note, I think the "Please vaccinate your germ-infested, snot-nosed, feces-covered brats so that they don't infect my beautiful, completely disinfected, angelic darlings" cards are a nice touch. They're so subtle and sweet! I'm SURE that they'd TOTALLY get someone to vaccinate their kids. Because these arguments are all about logic........

Well, I've had my daily dose of govt. sponsored surrealism. Now, back to ACTUAL work.....

(BTW-- Didn't the CDC used to have a big morbidity and mortality style map with all the outbreaks on it? THAT'S what the site needs -- interactive epidemic maps and case studies-- not BMI calculators and E-cards. Talk about totally useless. Everyone has BMI calculators and e-cards... I want free access to actual SCIENCE!)

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