Adventures in Homeschooling in Southern Indiana

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big Red Toe

An actual conversation from Vacation:

P: If you go on the potty, Poppy will take you to the store and buy you a treat! What do you want?

C: A new toe.

P and M: A new toe?????

C: A red toe.

M: How big would this red toe be?

C: This big ( being carried, gestures, so about 5.5 feet tall)

M: Why do you want a big, red, toe? What would you do with it?

C: Ride it. In the water. Fast.

M: (realization dawns) You mean a big, red toe like those guys were washing?

C: (very precisely) Yes!

M: That's called a jet ski, honey. You can't get one of those for using the potty.

C: (whimpers)

P: But if you use the potty, Poppy will get you an ice cream cone!

C: With Ice cream in it?

I'm glad my toddler is so easily distracted.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation conundrum

Should we go to the probably-going-to-be-reverent Mass 30 minutes away at a colossally inconvenient time (8 am or 12 pm) knowing that my dad will complain about it and the kids will probably misbehave? (No guarantee it's reverent, but at least the church has weekly Adoration and the web page mentions the Eucharist, even if the photos on line show a HORRIBLY ugly church that seems caught in the 70s)

Or do we go to the conveniently-timed Mass 5 minutes away that takes place at a Parish that, if it wasn't on and named after one of my favorite saints, I would mistake for Unitarian?

I suppose this could be a "Jesus is still there even if these other people don't act like it" teachable moment.......