Adventures in Homeschooling in Southern Indiana

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big Red Toe

An actual conversation from Vacation:

P: If you go on the potty, Poppy will take you to the store and buy you a treat! What do you want?

C: A new toe.

P and M: A new toe?????

C: A red toe.

M: How big would this red toe be?

C: This big ( being carried, gestures, so about 5.5 feet tall)

M: Why do you want a big, red, toe? What would you do with it?

C: Ride it. In the water. Fast.

M: (realization dawns) You mean a big, red toe like those guys were washing?

C: (very precisely) Yes!

M: That's called a jet ski, honey. You can't get one of those for using the potty.

C: (whimpers)

P: But if you use the potty, Poppy will get you an ice cream cone!

C: With Ice cream in it?

I'm glad my toddler is so easily distracted.

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