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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Few Hints on Writing to Your Congressman

My husband was writing letters about FOCA this morning. While I was proof-reading them, I realized there are a few things we can do to make our letters more effective:

1. Use short, declarative sentences. Congressmen and their staffs don't have a lot of time. Your point needs to be clear. Besides, these are people who live and breath soundbites and talking points. Do you really think they'll be able to untangle your syntax if you read like an issue of First Things? Try The Mini Page -- it's much closer.

If you give them soundbites and talking points, they'll be able to use them when they argue your position.

2. Before you ask them to help you, flatter them a bit. Come on. Politicians have HUGE egos. Otherwise they wouldn't run for office, and they wouldn't think they could change a political culture that's been corrupt and useless forever. So tell them what you like about them before you ask for help. I mean, if you're smart enough to see how great they are, maybe your ideas are worth considering, right?

3. I was going to have a third point, but kids are in meltdown mode and it's time to get them dressed for church, so that will have to wait. =)

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