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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Take on the Great Turkey Slaughter

My take on the The Great Turkey Slaughter:

No, she’s not dumb.
Yes, she knew what was going on behind her.
Yes, she realized the MSM would have a field day at her expense, because they’ve basically been reduced to Palin-obsessed paparazzi.

She just didn’t care. She’s deliberately rattling them and enjoying it when they have conniptions.

My Evidence? She says:
“Certainly we’ll probably invite criticism for even do this, too. But at least this was fun.”

She KNOWS, people. She’s deliberately making her opponents froth at the mouth. She thinks they’re funny.

It’s not that she’s an idiot. Sara Palin just isn’t obsessed with her image. Kind of refreshing in a politician, I think.

By the way, why is a LOSING vice-presidential candidate pardoning a turkey more newsworthy than Obama, agent of change, reprising the Clinton years in his cabinet selections?

Though I did think it was interesting that her state actually SAVES UP during fat years so that they can avoid budget crunches in the lean years. Fiscal responsibility? Planning ahead and not passing things you can't fund forever? What's up with that?? Where was that during the campaign-- that could have really resonated with the credit crisis.

More and more, I'm convinced McCain wanted to lose.

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Anonymous said...

Palin is, at best, of average intelligence. She is uncultured and uninformed. She belongs in Alaska, not Washington. She is suited to run a state with a small population. She is not suited to be vice president (or president) because she is not smart enough, she does not think deeply enough about the issues, she does not understand the various demographics of this country, she does not understand the cultures of the world, and she has no desire to learn such things. We've just had 8 years of such a person and look where we are now.