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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back From Christmas

Well, we're back from our Christmas trip. We met my in-laws at French Lick, IN and spent a week visiting relatives across Southern Indiana.

We also got to go to Midnight Mass at St. Meinrad's monastery--- beautiful, joyful and solemn, except that my 3 year old seems to have a SEVERE reaction to Incense... We'll have to keep that in mind at Easter!

My oldest and youngest slept through the whole thing, but 3YO enjoyed all the non-smokey parts... especially the music. (She should! After all, she's named after the patron saint of liturgical music!)

We had a time zone snafu and got to the monastery WAYYY early, so we walked around, looked at all the art, and spent about 10 minutes in the adoration chapel. (short time, but long for the kids.)

My almost-toddler pointed to the Tabernacle and said "Dat's Jesus!" Clearly he's destined for sainthood. =)

Christmas day was a blur of presents, food, and family. We're now trying to get the kids back on a sleep schedule we can live with. (They get a bit hyper when we travel.)

BTW-- The pope's Christmas Homily was excellent....Check it out!

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