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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bleakness of an OB office

I had another blood test today to make sure my hormones are returning to normal.

There's something dismal about visiting your OB after a miscarriage. All the posters and magazines gleefully proclaim how great it is to be preparing for baby.

You're visiting the place where you saw your child jumping around on the ultrasound screen, but now your child is dead, and you're undergoing tests to make sure that he's completely and totally gone from your womb.

You're surrounded by happy expectant couples when all you have to expect is a needle in the arm.

I almost wish I could have these tests done somewhere else-- at my family practice office, maybe, just so I wouldn't have to grieve while I waited.

I didn't feel like getting up this morning to go to the doctor. If I was on my own, I probably would have just canceled and stayed in bed. But I have a husband and kids, which means that I have to LIVE, not wallow in grief. This is a VERY good thing. I don't know how single women cope with this sort loss.... it must be horrible.

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