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Friday, December 12, 2008

Things that currently Irk me.

1. My baby is dead and buried. (We named him Paul Marie) But my miscarriage isn't done yet.

2. My doctor's definition of "Small chunks of placenta" is not the same as mine. As in, her "small" looks an awful lot like "Fricken Huge" to me.

3. I'm still at risk for hemmorage, but the place we're supposed to go for Christmas is AN HOUR from the nearest functoning ER.

4. People who tell me it's good we buried Paul because it will 'help us grieve.' We buried him because he's a person, and you bury people. It's called respect for the dead.

5. Because Paul was so old, my recovery will be the same as from a full term birth. But we hadn't planned to have me off my feet for a week until.... July.

6. That God's plans and my plans for Paul were not the same.

7. That my 5 year old is afraid to hug me because "she doesn't want any more blood to come out."

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