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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I guess I'm too young

I'm reading all these blogs by people from across the political spectrum, talking about how wonderful it is that a Black Man has been elected president.

And I think I might be too young to understand their excitement. I ALWAYS assumed there'd be a black president in my lifetime....I just assumed he'd be Colin Powell. Or maybe that she'd be Condi Rice. Or possibly (hope against hope) Michael Steele, but probably not Allan Keys since he seems to have trouble connecting with more than a narrow slice of the electorate.

Like I said, I might just be too young, since even Thomas Sowell is swept away. And I can't help feeling that, politically speaking, Obama won't be that much different than McCain would have been.

Except on the one issue that I consider totally unnegotiable. It would be nice if Obama 'grew in office' and decided to protect the unborn, but I can't see it happening....

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