Adventures in Homeschooling in Southern Indiana

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phonics is SERIOUSLY awesome

After a less than a week of lessons (we skipped a few days) my daughter is starting to sound out words on her own... words she's never seen before.... with minimal effort...

Something clicked yesterday. A weird light came on in her eyes, and she read a sentence. Now she's sounding out random words, even ones with letters we haven't covered yet..... (Of course, she's been doing "B is for Ball" since she learned the alphabet a million years ago, so I'm not surprised she knows these things... just that she's suddenly putting them together!)

So, Phonics are officially AWESOME! She's giddy with the feeling of power from reading an unexpected word. She's dying to read on her own... and even though the first few days were HARD, I have a feeling it will get easier now that she clicked.....

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